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Turmeric Skin Care Ingredients

Whether you use a Turmeric Clay Mask or Turmeric Vitamin C Serum,
all our formulations are made of pure plant extracts.


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Turmeric-Infused Products

Healthy living. Positive living. Confident living.

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

See what people are saying about our tumeric skin care products.

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“Always a fan of natural skincare products, I was eager to try the TUMERI CLAY MASK. 

After using it for two weeks or so, my face was singing the praises of this wonderful mask! My fine lines have smoothed out and my skin feels so fresh and pure! I can’t wait to lay my hands on some more TUMERI products."

- Barbara, Age 43

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“TUMERI GUMMIES have taken my exercise routine to a whole new level! I’ve always been afraid to push it too far, for fear of my joints flaring up a day or two later. I now ingest these delicious gummies daily and secretly call them my ‘gym buddies’!"

-John, Age 31

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“I’ve been using serums since forever, and TUMERI VITAMIN C SERUM takes the cake! I discovered a deep brightening of my skin as well as such a perfect skin tone! I am in love with this product!"

-Lisa, Age 37

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"I discovered TUMERI after researching Turmeric Gummies that were reccomended to me by my chiropractor and so far I am very impressed! I expected them to taste earthy and weird, but they were actually delicious!"

- Jim, Age 34


TUMERI's Award-Winning
Turmeric Clay Mask

See why beauty editors and celebrities rave about TUMERI's turmeric skin care products!

Our Mission

"TUMERI is a mission-driven wellness brand featuring products infused with turmeric, a breakout star in the nutritional world for good reason! TUMERI was born of a pure desire to ease and enhance another's quality of life. We proudly share our wisdom and success with you."

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